The water towers which service the community were due for renovation as part of the revamp of the area. As they are one of the highest structures in Haninge, the local authority wanted to use this opportunity to create a landmark which could be seen from across the archipelago.

A number of architectural firms were invited to submit ideas for the water tower renovation. The winning design, by HMXW arkitekter of Stockholm, featured a reflective design which made the towers visible but proved too complicated to construct.

HMXW submitted three alternative designs which utilised materials that were simpler to construct, but ensured that the towers remained a landmark. Together with HMXW, the municipal and water authorities selected a design which utilised etalbond® PE composite panels by Elval Colour.

Attractive and flexible, etalbond® is a perfect cladding solution for interior and exterior surfaces. It is rigid, light, and durable, and has good insulating properties. etalbond® can be formed into a variety of shapes, and is simple to install. It is ideal for use in severe environmental conditions such as in polluted urban and industrial areas.

Each coil of etalbond® undergoes a treatment to obtain the desired finish. Two were brushed (one vertically and one horizontally), one was coloured with pigment, while the final mirror surface was achieved by polishing the surface. They were then cut to shape and riveted onto the existing steel cladding, saving time and money. The resulting panels are practically maintenance free and extremely easy to clean.

A key consideration for the architects was the landmark nature of the water towers. By utilising etalbond® they had access to an almost limitless array of colours and finishes. After trialling around ten colours onsite, HMXW decided on the final selection of four finishes. As well as a polished mirror finish, a dark grey, and two different brushed aluminium patterns were chosen.

By choosing two different brushed finishes and a mirror finish, HMXW were able to ensure that light is reflected in different directions. As the light changes with the time of year or level of cloudiness, the perspective changes rapidly.

To further enhance the dialogue between the two towers, HMXW decided to repeat the colour pattern nine times around each. However, on one tower the pattern starts from the top, while on the second it starts from the bottom. While one tower reflects more of the sky and clouds, the second reflects the trees and nature that surround the site.

The local community have embraced their new focal point since the renovation of the towers was completed in December 2015. The local municipal and water authorities are also pleased to have such a dramatic yet functional landmark.

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