The design by local architectural firm Proj3ct has created a cohesive site which is both aesthetic and very functional. With 4,500 square metres of floor space, the new design has created offices, work areas, and showrooms for Carcemal.

Construction took place over four years from 2012 to 2016. The long build-time was required to allow Carcemal to maintain operations during the construction period.

For the exterior of the buildings, Proj3ct chose pre-painted Reynolux® aluminium sheets in the colour Anodic Silver. The panels are corrugated to mimic the texture of fabric, and perforated to allow light to enter the buildings. The custom-made perforations shade the large windows underneath the facade, ensuring the building remains comfortable even in high summer.

Reynolux® is also very light, a key consideration in the renovation of the existing Carcemal building. The new facade could be attached to the existing structure, without the need for any significant additional load-bearing support. This reduced both overheads and construction time during the installation of the 2,500 square metre facade.

Corrosion resistance was another reason the architects selected Reynolux® for this project. The Carcemal headquarters is located just 15 kilometres from the sea, so its corrosion resistance was a major consideration. The coloured panels are finished in a Brown-Grey patina and DURAGLOSS® 5000 to create an eye-catching and landmark headquarters for Carcemal.

Inside, the renovated spaces combine efficiency and comfort. Modern, well designed offices and work areas unite employees from different departments and reinforce collaboration between all parts of the business.

In 2016, the Carcemal headquarters received the Rehabilitation award from the Jornal Constuir (Journal of Construction) and the Revista Anteprojectos (Preliminary Projects Review).

credits  Tiago França, Proj3ct | Inor